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  • Pepper Spray Disguised As A Pen

    Pepper pens are a brilliantly designed self-defense gadget, and some people really love the concept. It can literally be kept in a shirt pocket, just as a writing instrument would be, and no one would ever know that it is a self-defense item. These are a popular seller, and even if a person has several pepper sprays, this one can be with them even when the others might be in the car, purse, book bag, briefcase, etc.

    Naturally, if a woman is walking to her car at night, and she has a 2 ounce Pepper Shot product, she will be carrying that in her hand to ward off an attacker, if one should “pop up.” But she may not have that 2 ounce spray with her at all times. For example, in the middle of the day, it may be tucked away in her purse. She may work in a huge office building, and is on her way to another floor in the elevator, and is not anticipating any problems, then suddenly there is some weirdo in the elevator, but she has “peace of mind,” because she has one of these cleverly disguised pepper sprays that looks like a pen, and it is in her shirt pocket.

    Pepper Shot Pepper Pen is a 10% pepper spray rated at 2 million Scoville Heat Units and made with a very fine grain that is more effective than the coarser grains of most other pepper sprays

  • Safe Steps Arm Band For Walking And Running

    The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night. This makes a great Fathers day gift.

    The Safe Steps Arm Band operate in blinking or steady on modes and are available in 6 colors.

    They're the perfect light for running or walking your pets at night too. Our armband lights operate on 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries (included and installed) and are ready to wear right away. Weather resistant.

    •Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

    •Flashing and Steady-On Modes

  • Rear View Mirror With Built In DVR

    The mirror has a super clear 1080P HD resolution front camera with 170° wide angle lens plus a weather proof rear camera. You can record video of drivers’ daily commutes and roadside events with the built in DVR. It is great for anyone who drives for a living. It records audio with the built in microphone. The rear view mirror camera will make you feel safer with twice the coverage, recording the road ahead as well as traffic from behind.  It has a picture in picture display. The large mirror display screen can display a single image with footage from one camera, or picture-in-picture display from both cameras and both cameras are recorded simultaneously. Thanks to the one-button switch design; you can switch the view mode quickly from either full screen display of front /rear view or picture-in-picture display.

    Back up camera offers great assistance when backing up. Install the weatherproof rear-view camera above the license plate or on the rear window and use it to view surroundings while driving in reverse or parking. Furnish the rear camera as an extra pair of vigilant eyes while backing up. Can be installed to the reverse light on the car and will automatically switch and show the rear view camera when in reverse.

    The mirror camera has G Sensor (Gravity Sensor) technology. When the G Sensor is triggered by a g-force event like an impact or a sudden braking maneuver, that event is detected, the camera will automatically record the current footage for safekeeping, and will not be overwritten in loop recording. It also has a parking monitor. Turn on the parking mode, the camera will come to life and start recording for 30 seconds if your car is bumped or moved, files are automatically marked for safekeeping whenever this event is detected.

    Installation and operation are very easy. It easily fits over your existing rear view mirror and install the cable inside the cabin of the vehicle and plug into the cigarette lighter. A Micro SD memory card (8, 16, 32GB - Class 10) is required for use with our dual lens rear view mirror dash camera. Included is a 32GB SD card that comes installed in the DVR.

  • Why You Should Carry Pepper Spray

    Here is a story that happened just a few days ago about a young lady who was stalked at the local mall. This is one of the reasons why you should carry Pepper Spray.

    It was a Saturday, a young lady got out of her car and walked thru the parking lot into her favorite store. This time she didn't have her friends with her and was alone. In a situation like this, it is always best to walk with a group of people.

    As she looked thru the store she noticed a man standing there watching her. The man approached her and asked her a few questions, she thought nothing about it and continued on to the next store.

    As she walked to the other stores she noticed the man following her and continuing to ask her more questions. She turned around and told him to leave her alone.






    She decided to walk back to her car and crossed thru the parking lot, the same man that was stalking her was there waiting next to her vehicle. She started to panic and ran back into the mall. She asked the store manager to call the police and hid in the back of the store, while the manager waited up front. She was safe this time.

    Since this incident, her father has purchased a Pepper Spray for her.




  • Elderly And Disabled, A Target For Assault And Robbery

    I don’t know why the the police are surprised that scumbags are attacking the elderly and disabled. They will always go after the weak. That’s why its important to be strong even if you have to carry something extra to give you that strength…like a pepper spray or stun gun — no matter your age.

    In Cincinnati Police Detectives say criminals are now attacking disabled people and the elderly.

    Investigators said it’s unusual that crooks are targeting those who can’t fight back, and what’s even more outrageous is that they still do it even if they only get away with a few dollars.

    Joanne, an attack victim said she went to the store up the street from her Roselawn Assisted Living Community when she noticed someone following her.

    “I turned and asked, ‘What do you want?’ I turned my chair so it made him off balance, and then he hit me in the chest,” she said.

    Joanne said she’s still scared of her attacker and she’s angry that some people think she’s weak.

    “It makes me feel like I’m not the person I am. I’m not an easy target, but I’m not a strong person. I’m in this wheelchair for a reason,” Joanne said.

    Joanne said she only had change so the culprit didn’t really get away with anything.

    Detectives said Joanne is not alone. To date, they know of four cases similar to hers.

    “Usually, they assault the victims right away, by punching them in the face, knocking them to the ground and taking their property,” said Investigator Jeff McKinney.

    Detectives said they think the crimes are related. McKinney said, “They’re teens or young adults between 15 and 21. They work in groups of two and three, looking for people who they believe are easy targets.”

    Joanne said she now carries a cellphone and stun gun. She said she also has a plan should she be attacked again.

    “I’ll find ways to take care of myself. I’ll run over him, that’s what I say,” she said.

    Investigators said they have some pretty good leads. They said they’ve notified assisted living communities and are looking at some surveillance videos.

    In the meantime, they are urging disabled people and the elderly to stay in well-lit areas and travel in groups.

    Once again, you see the necessity to protect yourself, no matter your age. The police cannot be there when trouble happens. You have to be willing and able to protect yourself. If you don’t feel able, then you need to get something to give you an edge.

  • What Sizes And Styles Do Pepper Spray Come In?

    Pepper spray is becoming a common self-defense tool that is carried by women, leading to new innovations in style, packaging and effectiveness of pepper spray. Some people prefer to carry a very small pepper spray canister so as not to call attention to it. Others choose a large dispenser so that it can be plainly seen in order to ward off any potential problems. Within these categories there are a number of types to choose from.  

    In the small pepper spray category, there are many ingenious designs on the market. One of the latest designs is a pepper spray canister that looks exactly like a lipstick tube form the outside. This allows a woman to retrieve something from her purse easily, not letting her potential assailant know that she is reaching for a self-defense weapon. Other small pepper sprays are shaped to look like fountain pens. These can be carried in the pocket and even taken to work without anyone realizing that they are there for self-defense.

    Other small canisters are shaped to fit into the hand or to slip easily into a pocket. These may be no more than four inches in length, carrying enough spray for a few seconds of use.

    Some pepper spray units are made to fit into specific places. These include key ring pepper sprays that come with a ring clip. There are also pepper sprays that have a visor clip attached to keep them close at hand in the car. These sprays can give a driver peace of mind when they are out running errands or when they have a long commute.

    Many smaller pepper sprays come with cases that come in a variety of colors and designs. Some women prefer to have a black case that will look more intimidating. Others want to have a case that is their favorite color or a color that will match their purse or their other key rings. All of these options are available in pepper spray covers. The colors and designs come in leather, faux leather and vinyl coverings.

    The larger pepper spray varieties also come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors. Many of the largest pepper sprays are in an intimidating black and may have a larger black case around them. These are often made and carried in order to ward off any trouble by showing the weapon to the potential attacker.

    Some of the larger pepper sprays have a bright red top or are entirely bright red as a warning color. This can be an effective way of telling an attacker that what the potential victim has in her hand is dangerous.

    Larger pepper sprays may have a belt loop hook to allow them to be hung from the belt loops in order to keep the spray close at hand. This is often an option chosen by joggers who want to carry protection with them but who also need to keep their hands free. This is also an option for students who have books to carry but don‘t want to be caught unprotected in a parking lot.

  • An Awesome Fathers Day Gift! The Hidden Camera Sunglasses

    These High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities. They are slim, light weight, and comfortable to wear because of the soft nose pads and arms. The higher curve and flexible design suites many different faces weather they are small or large. They are very durable made with high quality materials. The frame is also Sweat Resistant designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture from perspiration or wet weather.

    The lenses are 1.8mm Quality Polarized Lens exceeds optical requirements of ANSI Z80.3, AS/NZS 1067, EN 1836 standards and blocks out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm protection. Lenses are shatter-proof and impact resistant tough material - fully certified for eye protection. The lenses are interchangeable and come with both Clear and Tinted lenses.

    Enough about the shades already they have a hidden camera built into the glasses. This is the world’s finest hidden video camera sunglasses full HD (1920*1080P) at 30fps.

    Excellent recording HD video makes these the glasses great for just about any activity. The battery will last almost 3.5 hours before needing to be recharged. Comes with a removable 16GB SD card and will store over 2 hours of video footage. Oh and they operate very easily with only 1 button operation. Press once to turn on and the camera will start recording. Press the button again to save the file and turn off. The camera comes with the following; Sunglass color camera, Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth, Carry Bag, Neck Strap, USB cable, SD card reader, and User Manual.




  • Why Purchase A Practice Defense Spray?

    There are some people who never had or used a pepper spray before, and they might be a little squeamish about it, only because of fear of the unknown, but when we, show the handsomely packaged key chain pepper spray to someone, they are put at ease.

    If a person, usually a lady, will say, “I am not sure if I can handle shooting one of those,” we will whip out one of these, opened practice sprays  to let someone “try” firing a pepper spray.  Of course, you can purchase a practice spray and give it to your mom, dad, wife, husband, daughters or sons, 18 and older. They can all have a “try” at shooting one of these, before they start carrying the real thing.

    The practice defensive spray, feel the same as the ones with the pepper spray, you or your family members can go outside with you, and try shooting it at, for example, a tree or another target.

    Then you might explain that the only difference is the “real” pepper spray has a hot liquid, just like the “heat” you might feel when eating extremely spicy chicken wings! Pepper Spray will not cause any long term harm or damage to the attacker, but it will give anyone a chance to safely escape!

    I pray that anyone out there never have to use this, but if anyone ever tries to mess with you, just spray the attacker in the face, then get the heck out of there and get to safety. It could save you some day!”


  • The Telescopic Steel Baton Makes A Great Self Defense Tool

    We sell stun guns and pepper sprays to people, some people want both, and there are those who want an additional gadget or self-defense item, and here’s a great one. A telescopic steel baton, is a clever gadget, and can easily be carried, and some people attach the case to their belt.

    You quickly pull out the solid steel baton, with its convenient rubber handle, and then with a quick flick-of-the-wrist, you extend the baton, and you’re ready to fight off an attacker or scare away a wild animal.

    The telescopic steel batons are just another way we provide our customers with a big variety of products that they can purchase. These are a very cool item, and seem to be popular with younger guys. These are perfect for a college student.

    Some people simply like the “peace of mind” they have, when they have one of these sleek beauties by their side, and you will too!

    We have the best personal safety products for you to purchase, especially with the way things are everywhere. Crime is slowly rising, people are becoming desperate, there are more robberies and muggings, and people want to be safe and feel safe, and also have something to defend themselves with.

  • Why Should You Purchase WildFire Pepper Spray

    As good as our Pepper Shot brand is, our customers have expressed an interest in a line of pepper sprays that were even HOTTER than the other pepper sprays. So, we have a product that is even hotter!

    Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray is hot, hot, hot, and it has 18%, as opposed to 10%, Oleo Resin Capsicum (pepper)…a derivative of 3 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU)…as opposed to our normal pepper sprays which are usually 2 million SHUs. This stuff will make any one wish they never bothered with the person who blasts them in the face!

    We have this in several convenient sizes, and also recently introduced a sticky gel Wildfire pepper spray, which is even more punishing, because when it hits his face, it sticks like glue, and when the attacker tries to rub it out of their eyes, that only makes the attacker suffer more! Hey, he or she deserves it! Right? Every adult woman in America, wife, girlfriend, daughter, or mother should be carrying a pepper spray, these days, and most men should be as well.

    You never know when someone might try to pull something, and it is a good idea to have a pepper spray in your pocket. Everyone wants to be safe and feel safe!

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