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About Us

Welcome! We are Jessica and Alan owners of Golden Tiger Defense. We are passionate about personal safety not only for ourselves but our own family as well. We take pride in the fact that we save lives for a living, we provide real security and peace of mind to our customers.

Crime is a real issue and it is getting worse by the day. Women are getting raped or assaulted and families are having their homes invaded daily. In the news crime seems to be a daily topic, it is not going to get any better anytime soon.

Law enforcement cannot always be there when a dangerous situation occurs, they are only there when the damage has already been done,  it is your right to protect yourself and your family. You are the first line of defense.

We offer many non lethal products in our super store to give you the peace of mind for any situation.

Remember, your safety is our main concern and our business.

Have a safe and wonderful day.